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Happy Dog

Dog Trainer

All dog owners know that special bond they have with their dogs. Dog training helps elevate that bond to its full potential. It allows you the freedom to include your dog in your everyday activities and special occasions. At Elite Dog Training, the word “family” isn’t just used to make sales. It is the core of the training program and business practice. I teach the dogs what they need to learn through repetition and consistency. 

I practice no-treat training, which helps dogs maintain their level of obedience. With treat training, your pet will only respond to commands with treats as incentive rewards. Take the treat away, and your dog simply will not listen. The no-treat training process includes consistent praise, monotone voice commands, and repetition, which slowly become part of the dog’s behavior and makes them much more responsive to commands regardless of whether or not you have treats. This type of dog behavior training helps you and every member of your family maintain control over your pet. I offer several dog behavioral training programs and pet services to help meet your needs, from basic to advanced dog training. If you are experiencing behavioral problems with your dog, contact a professional dog trainer today.

My in home dog training and puppy training programs are available to dogs throughout the area.

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