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Trained dogs for the Chicago Bulls,
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Professional Dog Training

At Elite Dog Training, we aim to get more dogs trained and socialized through our effective dog training programs. We do all in-home training and go to you!

We believe that your dog’s success in our dog obedience training classes depends on the right dog trainer implementing the proper technique for your dog. 

We don’t use treats for training! Anyone can take a treat and make a dog sit but that’s not training, it’s bribery.

The best dog trainers know that dog behavior modification is all about technique. There is no such thing as one behavior training method for all dogs, as every dog is unique in its own way and possesses different learning capabilities. 

Our professional trainer will help you find the right pet training program for your dog.

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We provide multiple levels of dog training, depending on how much teaching your dog needs. We provide basic obedience, which lays the foundation for intermediate training. We also offer master training for those looking to learn handicapped assistance or advanced obedience. No matter what kind of training you need, we guarantee fantastic results. In addition to training for family pets, we have trained dogs for the Chicago Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, and Bears.

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Puppy Training

In-Home Dog Training

Service Dog Training

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Service Dog Training

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Puppy Training

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In-Home Dog Training

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Service Dog Training

Along with standard training, we also provide service dog training. Many clients are people wanting a higher level of assistance. By training your dog to assist with whatever type of disability you may have, your pet can become your best friend and caretaker as well.

 We train every dog with kindness and love, creating a finished dog that is well-mannered and respectful to its owner. Our goal is for our dogs to return the love they receive during the training process. Contact us for quality puppy training today!

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